Everything Changed When The China Virus Attacked

You don’t have to like orange man, but I feel only he has the balls to call it the China Virus nowadays, so kudos to him! Never forget that #ChinaLiedPeopleDied and Twitter removed that hashtag from Trending!

Aside from being hypocrites too. Global Times is China-owned btw

Now to get to the point…

It’s probably not the end of the world, but sadly a lot of people are still going to die. Naturally, that could include you or me.

Perhaps humanity will vanquish it with a vaccine, or mutate itself into extinction or a less harmful strain. My guess is that it will likely stay with us for quite a while, especially with some idiots (and malicious individuals) spreading it around.

For better or worse, there will be permanent changes throughout society because of this thing.

Let’s start with a few pros:

More work at home. Or at least have more options for working at home. Not all jobs can take advantage of this of course, but for those that can there are a lot of positives with this:

  • No need to commute for your job, which costs time and money. For some, they might not even need a car at all!
  • No need to dress up for work. I hope bosses let their employees know ahead if they’re gonna have a video call or meeting so they won’t get caught in their underwear, unless strip clubs can do work at home too (they’ve adapted though!). Throw in fewer expenses for clothing too.
  • Less pollution because of less driving. Might be canceled out by more electricity use and more computer manufacturing though.
  • Less traffic because fewer people are driving. Rush hour traffic should be less nightmarish, especially here in the Philippines because traffic has been a massive problem here for years.
  • More time with family and pets. Dogs especially will love the fact that you’re home most of the time. I did hear that people have started adopting a lot during this pandemic, but I hope they keep taking care of them even after this ends.
  • Less time wasted during work. Less unneeded meetings too. I’ve heard some types of work don’t actually need the full 8 hours of work per day, and that some of that time are just busywork instead of being productive. Heck, maybe you can “go home” early after you’ve finished your job that day.
  • Less chance of being infected by other people and vice versa, like with Kung Flu right now.
  • More home cooking and less eating out. People might actually have the time to cook. Eat healthier and cheaper!

More self-reliance and less consumerism. Like what the Great Depression caused. This crisis laid bare how wasteful and unprepared most people are. If you can’t afford or survive a few weeks of hunkering down, then something’s very wrong!

More appreciation for firearms. And self-defense too. It doesn’t matter if you’ve stocked up if the other guy has a gun. I’ve heard a lot of newbies are heading to gun stores now in the US, with some of them who were against gun ownership. Looks like owning a gun (or more) is starting to look a lot less silly now eh? Hopefully, they’ll also increase education for firearm safety because these new gun owners might have twitchy trigger fingers.

More funding for hospitals. Especially here in the Philippines. Most of the hospitals over here don’t even have ICUs, and most of those hospitals are found in or near the capital. Most countries will need more medical personnel and facilities anyway if this virus never goes away permanently, like the flu.

More funding for medical research. Did you guys know medicines/vaccines are unprofitable? The video I linked to is about antibiotics, but it still applies.

More importance for hygiene. Do I even have to say anything about this?

More bidets! Bidets, particularly the hand-held spray types, use up less water (and chemicals?) than manufacturing toilet paper. You’ll end up with a cleaner ass too! Or, you can opt for a tabo/dipper like us Filipinos, which are also great for taking baths with.

More independence from China and overseas production. This pandemic just showed why putting factories in other countries was a bad idea.

More importance for borders. That wall is looking really attractive right now if it keeps the infected out… or in.

More respect for truck drivers, grocery employees, farmers, and factory workers. I regret that I can’t possibly list all of the essential jobs, but I hope they all get the respect they deserve after all of this AND an increase in pay. Especially so since they still get shit pay while they’re exposed to the WuFlu. I’m doubtful they’ll a raise since they’re like utilities: you don’t want them to be too expensive.

More hobbies at home. A lot of people now realizing they don’t have hobbies so they’re dying of boredom. Now’s a good time to learn how to cook, bake, garden, or learn important survival skills. Working at home might also free up more time for said hobbies.

More people online is good for online businesses, Cat Nine included of course!

Of course, there are always some cons:

On-peak levels for most of the day. I’m a little worried about the capacity and production for utilities like electricity, water, internet… and sewage, especially in the Philippines.

More expensive utilities because of the increase in demand. Utilities should be cheap, but the increase in demand might affect the prices.

More expensive… everything. If we stop or lessen outsourcing production to other countries like China that is. I do think it’s good if people buy less stuff (that they don’t need), and the higher prices might just enforce that. Hopefully, the things we do need (like medicine and hospitals) will stay the same price, if not cheaper.

Jobs and businesses that require face-to-face customer interaction might be impacted. Especially for service industries like restaurant owners, they’ll be affected if more people start cooking at home. They gotta adjust to doing more deliveries. I don’t mind this at all though since I think more people should cook at home. On the other hand, there might be more delivery and manufacturing jobs in the future.

Small websites can’t handle the new traffic, so they’ll need to upgrade to handle all the new visitors. It’s good if they’ll also profit from it after an upgrade, but not so much if they didn’t. Needless to say, this might affect Cat Nine too.

Less physical social interactions. Uh, being a super introvert loner type, this doesn’t concern me that much, but even I know how important physical interactions are for most people. Even I would prefer hanging out with my best buds in real life than online you know!

Governments might start getting more authoritarian. This might be the biggest con of all, yeah. I prefer freedom of course, but some ah, restrictions are necessary to enforce social distancing and quarantines because people can be fucking stupid or outright spread it around. To be fair to the guy, he apologized, but we all know a few who’ll remain indignant and continue to YOLO about it.

Just neutral things:

Market saturation for online businesses. In other words, similar businesses might earn less if competition is too much. Again, this could affect me too if more people start drawing webcomics haha…

Less international travel and tourism because countries might start tightening up their borders and security. This might also mean less pollution though. I’m neutral about this since this might affect my dad too because he’s a commercial pilot, and we travel for around a week somewhere every year or two.

A new baby boomer generation. It’s what will happen if everyone’s at home and they’re bored or scared. Looks like “ok boomer” is going to stay for a while!

We get to see the best and worst aspects of humanity. Let us all remember the brave ones who’ve risked, and already gave, their lives to help us make it through this. We mustn’t also forget everyone who’ve spread the virus, misinformation, hostility, greediness, and heartlessness during these trying times.

Welp, that’s all I can think of at the moment!

Now’s not the time Google

Again? We’re doing this again?? During a pandemic???

This is from Google Adsense by the way. At least they only restrict ads from certain advertisers that are squeamish from Barbie-level nudity, but still…

I would replace all my Google ads with Comicads if I could, but sadly I can only put up 3 of their ad units at most.

Kung Flu, and I will be fine, probably!

It’s the biggest thing to happen next to the Taal eruption and it will possibly affect me, so here I write.

To start off, I refuse to call it COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, or NCoV. Some of the alternate names are hilarious, and we have Spanish Flu, Lyme Disease, and other illnesses named after locations. Yet somehow it’s wrong to call it the Wuhan Flu or Chinese Coronavirus.

Reminder that SARS and Avian Flu started in China too. If you’ll notice, their names have no connection to China at all, hmmmmm. And it’s kinda related, but my research says that the Spanish Flu might’ve come from China as well…

A propaganda machine working for its intended purpose!

Just some rants

I heard China just started to deny that it came from Wuhan… even though it’s likely that they actually made the thing in the first place! There’s a frickin biolab right across the market for god’s sake, and they’ve likely misreported its effects from the start! And recently, it has now become “racist” to even say it ever came from China or Wuhan.

Don’t even get me started about people who’ll accuse you of “racism” or “xenophobia” if you have the good sense to avoid Asian, or specifically, Chinese people. The exception is if you know they haven’t left the country or come into contact with confirmed cases, but I think it’s perfectly fine to avoid more contact anyway.

Next we have the World Health Organization refusing to call it a pandemic because of “racism”, though I’ve also heard the real reason was this thing called pandemic bonds. Foolish reasons that can get people killed. They’ve recently declared it a pandemic though, but I wouldn’t trust the WHO since they’re probably under the pocket of the Chinese government.

Then we have people claiming “it’s just the flu bro” or “the flu kills more people every year”. Okay buddy, then explain the 2-6% (possibly more) mortality rate of the Flu Manchu vs. Influenza’s 0.1%? Yes, most of the casualties seem to be the sickly or elderly, but the chances of dying seem to be way higher compared to the flu, especially when it has killed healthier than average people.

There are always assholes visiting quarantined places, or leaving quarantine if they’re infected. Or even worse, people letting in confirmed cases because it’s “racist” not to. Imagine not looking racist trumps NOT LETTING OTHER PEOPLE DIE.

Last but not the least, persons actually trying to spread the disease. There are… several unkind things to be said and done about those.

So be careful of people and organizations like this. I’ll concede that they have a point about prejudice, but it’s for a practical reason like a frigging pandemic! Rational people would go back to normal after this all blows over, if they survive Winnie the Flu that is.

Situation in the Philippines

My city just got one confirmed case of the WuFlu a couple of days ago. Afterward, the government has locked down Metro Manila from all land, sea, and air travel. Then the day after that, classes have been suspended for a month and people started to stock up on supplies. I hope it doesn’t lead to panic buying later!

(There were already a couple of cases before the quarantine. Just making it clear if you thought they closed the whole city from that infected one guy from my city.)

The quarantine’s definitely a good move, but anything could still happen. If I remember correctly, no disease has caused something like this to happen here before. If panic begins, I predict things will end up very badly because most people are unprepared for this. At least the warmer temperatures over here might make the virus less effective, but that’s not 100% confirmed yet.

My personal situation

I’ve actually been worried (but not panicking) about this before it became this big since my dad is an airline pilot with some international flights. Thankfully it seems we’re still fine, for now.

My first worry is… well I hate to bring it up again and not to disparage it of course, but the last contact I had with multiple people was at my grandma’s wake and funeral a week ago. A few relatives came from outside the country, though those were nations that haven’t been hit by ChinAIDS yet. Even so, I’m gonna be keeping an eye on myself and my family, see if anyone’s showing symptoms until next month.

My next worry is my dad seems to be reluctant to buy supplies even before the quarantine was declared. I’m pessimistic about our chances if there’s ever a food or water shortage. I don’t know if it’s right of me to ask, especially with me being AWOL with Cat Nine again (getting back soon, I promise!), but I would appreciate any donations to give us a fighting chance to survive just in case something happens!

At least we still have those n95 masks that we bought for the Taal ashfall. It’s good that we didn’t need them then because we can use them now.

Prepare and be informed

No doubt I’m not the right person to provide factual information about something as serious as this, but dammit, I feel strongly enough about it and it’s my blog after all. Maybe it will help, who knows.

I just want you guys to prepare, if you aren’t already that is. Sadly, there are still people with agendas spreading misinformation around.

Me? My agendas are common sense, critical thinking, and NOT DYING. I would also like to believe that my bullshit meter is pretty strong.


For the few who have stored enough and ignored their peers and family that say you’re blowing this out of proportion, good for you! For the rest of ya, I hope it’s not too late.

Stock up on long-lasting food, bottled water, meds, soap, alcohol, and toilet paper. Preferably water first since you’ll die of thirst quicker than starvation. Stash enough to last a month or two, maybe even a year if you can. If it were up to me, I’d get enough for a year if space and budget permits.

If you think something might to your electricity or water in the future, then prepare for that too. I dunno much about electricity except getting a gas and/or solar generator, or perhaps a solar oven so you can still boil/cook stuff even without power.

As for water, you could set up some rain collectors, but that needs maintenance, and the water has to be treated in some way. I’ve always wanted to get one of those Berkey water purifiers. If I had one of those, I’d still boil the water before dumping it in the purifier.

And since I mentioned generators, it might be a good idea to get some fuel for said generator, as well as for your other things like stoves. Maybe wood too just in case you need to cook or boil things over a fire, and because gas doesn’t last a year.

At least you can use all of that canned food or bottled water after this thing ends, or reserve it for the next possible emergency so it’s never gonna be a waste of money.


First of all, masks will not make you invulnerable. It’s better to avoid contact if you can help it. But if you must…

Any mask is better than no mask

Get n95 masks or better if you can. They’re probably out of stock or overpriced by now though, so you can settle for surgical masks if they’re still available.

There are some uh… uninformed people (cough my lil brother) that say surgical masks are enough, if not better. Surgical masks are made to prevent things from coming OUT of your orifices, and they’re only single-use, so you’ll have to replace them every time you use one.

But what if even surgical masks aren’t available? Well, my mom said some people started to wear cut-up water dispenser/cooler bottles on their heads. They look silly, but hey, they’re making an attempt to protect themselves and others. It’ll at least prevent you from touching your face.

N95 effectiveness

Don’t believe anyone that tells you that n95 masks and above aren’t effective. To be fair, they’re right that most people don’t know how to wear them, so learn! Also, the real reason might be because of the mask shortage, and healthcare workers need it more. I say it’s perfectly alright to buy a reasonable amount to protect yourself and your family.

Again, let me stress that masks don’t make you invulnerable, but it might decrease your chances of being infected. Vaccines and medicines aren’t 100% effective too, but we still use them. And just like with herd immunity, more people using them will also protect vulnerable people. Some people still don’t get this for some reason, if not become hostile to you.

While the Shang-die virus is indeed smaller than what an n95 can block, it might block way more than what a surgical mask will because of the thicker filter and tighter fit. As far as I know, Corona-chan is spread through droplets, which can infect you through contact with your mouth and nose. Possibly eyes and ears too. Therefore, we can assume that n95s can block even more of these droplets. Mind you, I’ve also heard it can spread through respiration (breathing). If that’s the case, surgical masks are useless, but n95s should offer you some actual protection against that.

People with glasses might be a little more protected too. Aside from blocking droplets going for the eyes, improperly worn masks will fog up your glasses, and thus informing you that it needs to be adjusted. Consider getting safety goggles too if you’re not conscious about wearing it in public.

When to use and not use

Do wear them when in public, especially if you know that location has confirmed cases. And PLEASE wear them if you’re already infected.

Don’t use masks if you don’t need them, like at home. There’s already a shortage, so let’s not contribute to that.


You might’ve seen information about the Wuhan Flu like this:

But actually that’s from the Spanish Flu:

History repeats itself, like humanity being lax. Keep washing them hands or use alcohol though!

Always be on guard

I’ll be honest, I don’t know which sources don’t have agendas/narratives since even government agencies could be compromised by… foolish people, to put it mildly. If such a reliable source exists, who knows when it will be taken over?

So the best defense against misinformation is to rely on your common sense and critical thinking skills again.

Still, I want to recommend stuff, but please use your judgment went relying upon my suggestions.

My recommendations

  • Information from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are the best right now.
  • The CDC is a US government agency, but they appear to be factual enough about the CCP Virus.
  • As for forums, r/Wuhan_Flu seems to be the most trustworthy at the moment. Fittingly, they’re quarantined because they have the “wrong” opinions. Ironically, this makes them more truthful than other subs. I can’t 100% vouch for it since I just found it myself, and just keep in mind that China is a big portion of Reddit’s investors…

Red flags

If you want to find and filter the info for yourself, this list of red flags might serve you well. Up to you to believe me or not, but be warned if a source has any of these:

  • prioritize being politically correct rather than staying alive
    • claims it’s offensive if you:
      • avoid Asians or Chinese
      • are against travel or opening borders
      • don’t refer to the China Virus with the approved names
      • think that General Tso’s Revenge even came from China
      • talk badly about China or Chinese
  • have downplayed or called it a conspiracy theory
  • pro-censorship in general
  • claims that the Wushu Flu actually started from another country, like Italy or the US
  • banned Winnie the Pooh, Plague Inc. or World War Z
  • talks about cure-alls and alternative medicine
  • owned by China
    • paid by China
    • majority of investors are from China

Oh my, it’s like most of these flags point to a certain country, but I wonder which? You may need your wits to solve this mystery!

If I turn up missing, you can hazard a guess which country did that.

Collar specs work-in-progress

Sorry for the radio silence. Got a bit sidetracked by, well, my grandma passing, and I’ve actually been working on something Cat Nine related. Specifically, it’s a sort of long infographic regarding Myan’s collar and its powers, with commentary by Hibi-Hibi… and me!

The writing has, as usual, been the hardest part for me. Not helping is that moving the text around in ClipStudio has been a nightmare since it slows down a lot even if it’s just mere text. And hoo boy, this thing I’m working on is huge. Literally:


So huge that I now know that 50000 pixels is the maximum Clip Studio will go. I usually export these at a lower size though. And I was just starting to add in the drawings!

I guess it’s time to split this up into separate images. Not too hard since I’ve categorized her powers in there, like Transformation and (clothing) Conjuration.

If I post this in the website, I’ll make it a blog post. Way easier to read and search for just in case you want to look the details up again.

RIP Grandma

(Kinda bad timing that the last thing I titled is RIP Reddit (2005-2020). Well, whatever!)

May Lola rest in peace. Thank you for all the lessons, and letting me know about oatmeal. By the way she’s from my mother’s side, and it’s not her actual name: “lola” is literally “grandma” in Filipino.

For all the time I’ve known her, she was frail and literally blind. And recently, she was complaining why’s she outliving the rest of my other grandparents at the age of 87. Thankfully, she finally got her wish now, and picked a great day to depart at Feb 29, 2020.

Ironically, she’s also one of the reasons I’m an atheist. I refuse to believe a kind and loving God would let someone like my lola to suffer in darkness and suffering for all this time. Even so, I hope she went to Heaven as she believed.

Some of my relatives have been fighting with each other. I wish they would find it in their hearts to temporarily get their shit together just for her.

Now that all my grandparents are gone, this might also be the best time to prepare myself when the time comes for my parents too…

RIP Reddit (2005-2020)

(say what you will about Tim here, but I like that he summarizes stuff pretty well)

Sort of political, but this is more about censorship, which I just reaaally hate for some reason. Sane people should hate censorship anyway.

Imagine if Discord admins replaces me and BlueDavrial with mods that hate Cat Nine. Pretty insane right?

If you didn’t know, Reddit has actually started to quarantine a few of these “problematic” subs a while ago. Then just recently, they’ve started warning if not outright ban people for UPVOTING (similar to likes in FB/Twitter) posts in quarantined subs. Don’t need to be smart to know this marks the likely downfall of Reddit.

Now, you don’t have to like these problematic subs, but the world’s going to shit with some people actually believing free speech is problematic. Not to mention, this move is probably caused by the upcoming US election this November, and I expect even more censorship or election interference shenanigans as that month approaches. Great job ignoring the rest of the not-US world Reddit!

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall

I liked Reddit for the memes, interesting subs and posts, and extensive collection of “reference” materials. Not gonna miss all the karma whoring, bots, agendas, double standards, racism against whites, and censorship though.

So enjoy Reddit while it lasts, maybe even upvote some of those “offensive” posts to get banned as a badge of honor. Artists and connoisseurs start saving those “reference” images before they get purged; who knows when they’ll get declared problematic in the future! Hopefully, a less cancerous alternative will show up to replace it… or not! In any case, I’ll be ready with my popcorn as I r/WatchRedditDie.